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Puka Whakapapa - Genealogy Book | Puka Pēpi Baby Book


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What is the Puka Whakapapa - Genealogy Book?

This book was created to hold all the important stories, history, memories and genealogy relating to your whānau, iwi and culture. This will be a special tāonga to ensure that your family history is captured and cherished for generations to come.

The goal is to ensure that you and your whānau know who you are, where you’re from and your connections to your lineage. This important family history will support and guide your future generations to stand in their mana and true identity.


  • Whakapapa - Genealogy / Your tribal connections to the whenua 
  • Kāwai whakapapa - Family lineage 
  • Ngā kōrero o te whānau - Family stories, achievements, and history 
  • Ngā kōrero tuku iho - Traditional waiata, haka, karakia or mihi from your whānau or iwi 
  • Ngā pūrākau / pakiwaitara - Traditional myths, legends and stories from your whānau or iwi 
  • Te hononga whakapapa - Full family lineage
  • Ngā whakaahua - photo sections
  • Billingual Māori
  • 5 family chapters 
What is the Puka Pēpi ?

Our Māori baby book was designed to capture pēpi’s life milestones in their first year.

The incredible thing about our book is that we’ve included some uniquely Māori sections such as whakapapa - lineage, whenua ki te whenua - returning your placenta to the earth, my first Matariki and Waitangi, visit to the marae, moana and more. We have two styles available. 



  • Bilingual Māori with English translations
  • Large A4 size book with photo pages
  • Tōku whakapapa - Genealogy
  • Ōku mātua / kaitiaki - Parents / Caregivers
  • Ōku tūpuna - My grandparents
  • Tōku whānau - My Family
  • Tōku whare - My Home 
  • Ngā whakareanga o te whānau - Family tree
  • Ōku whaea / matua - My aunties & uncles
  • Te hapūtanga - Pregnancy 
  • Te rā whakanui- Baby shower
  • Te whānautanga mai - Birth story 
  • Kua tae mai ahau - Im here
  • Tōku ingoa - My name
  • Ringa / Tapuwae - Hand and foot prints
  • Whenua ki te whenua - Returning my placenta to the land
  • Te wiki tuatahi - My first week 
  • Ngā manuhiri i ngā wiki tuatahi - Visitors from the first few weeks
  • Te tau i whānau mai au  - The year I was born
  • Ngā marama 1-12 - 1- 12 months 
  • Tōku rā whānau tuatahi - My first birthday 
  • Tōku hararei tuatahi - My first holiday
  • Tōku Waitangi tuatahi - My first Waitangi 
  • Tōku Matariki tuatahi - My first Matariki
  • Tōku wā tuatahi ki te marae - My first time at the marae 
  • Tōku wā tuatahi ki te taha moana - My first time at the beach
  • Tōku Kirihimete tuatahi - My First Christmas
  • Tōku tapahi makawe tuatahi - My first haircut 
  • Tōku hikoitanga tuatahi - My first steps
  • Ōku tuatahitanga - All my firsts
  • Ōku niho - My teeth
  • Ngā Kai - Food
  • Te wā tākaro - play time 
  • Āku mahi hātakēhi - Funny things I do 
  • He rangi motuhake - Days to remember
  • Ngā wawata o ōku mātua mōku - Parents wishes for me